Literary Links

Literary Links serves as the official book club of Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. Each chapter sponsors a bi monthly meeting of the club that is open to the public. Chapters are responsible for choosing  books to be read each month, with emphasis on supporting writers that are local to the chapters respective areas.


Reach Out and Write

The Reach out and Write program is designed to provide students with the necessary tools to be successful academically. The program focuses on an in depth exploration of what it takes to write professionally and formally in order to excel in school.

This is done by working closely with the students to teach them how to properly construct written material in ways that are effective and will reach the audience. In addition to structured writing, which is the main focus, students are exposed to other forms of writing and expression as well.

The program begins with a critical thinking and pre-writing module which serves as the basis for all future writing. Intermingled with the structured format discussions on journaling, journalism, and creative writing are held.

Throughout the program, the students are offered tutoring in order to ensure academic success in English, Composition, and Language Arts. Throughout the program the students are given practice assignments, which will help them develop their skills. At the end of the program, the students will have compiled a writing portfolio, which includes various forms of writing.


Lavender Lounge



The Lavender Lounge event is an opportunity for local poets and literary artists to perform their work and network with other writers and business owners.








The LambdaEttes is an affiliate program of Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. comprised of high school aged female students who embody a great appreciation and love for literature and the literary arts. This program will provide the young ladies with the opportunity to receive both academic and personal mentorship from members of Sigma Theta Lambda who work in and are involved in literary and literacy education. In addition to mentorship, the LambdaEttes will receive supplemental English instruction in various writing styles and will be encouraged and aided in reaching their literary goals. The LambdaEttes will attend personalized college tours, writing workshops, community service opportunities, book clubs, and other activities that will enhance and excite their creativity. The LambdaEttes is a program aimed at empowering young ladies and offering them the opportunity to share their literary endeavors and prepare them for a bright future.

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