Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. was founded in Greensboro, NC on November 25, 2009 by Nichole Nichols and Lavinia Jackson*. On April 17, 2010 Taneshia Fewell, Chipo Siglowide, April Bowden and Tiffany Overby, along with Nichole Nichols and Lavinia Jackson*, were inducted into Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. as co-founders.




The purpose of Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. is:


The Mission of Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. is to spread a love of literature throughout our community and support authors, poets and other literary artists in our sisterhood and beyond.



The LambdaEttes is an affiliate program of Sigma Theta Lambda Literary Sorority, Inc. comprised of high school aged female students who embody a great appreciation and love for literature and the literary arts. This program will provide the young ladies with the opportunity to receive both academic and personal mentorship from members of Sigma Theta Lambda who work in and are involved in literary and literacy education. In addition to mentorship, the LambdaEttes will receive supplemental English instruction in various writing styles and will be encouraged and aided in reaching their literary goals. The LambdaEttes will attend personalized college tours, writing workshops, community service opportunities, book clubs, and other activities that will enhance and excite their creativity. The LambdaEttes is a program aimed at empowering young ladies and offering them the opportunity to share their literary endeavors and prepare them for a bright future.

*Affiliation Terminated
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